In children and the elderly, it can occur as an independent disease, and in mature patients, bronchopneumonia is most often a complication of another disease.
Preventive measures to prevent the development of bronchopneumonia are the timely treatment of respiratory diseases.
Weakened local immunity provokes the development of the inflammatory process.
In parallel, there is a change in microcirculation, ischemic changes are formed, lipid peroxidation is activated, and local sensitization occurs.

As a result of the penetration of pathogenic microflora into the smallest structures of the lung tissue and the bronchial tree, local immune defense is disrupted.

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According to the conditions of development, the following forms of bronchopneumonia are distinguished:

Symptoms of intoxication are mild, subfebrile temperature is recorded, pulmonary infiltration is observed.within one segment. Signs of neurontin failure are not registered, there are no hemodynamic disturbances. Medium . Symptoms of intoxication are moderately expressed, body temperature rises to 38 degrees, pulmonary infiltrate is recorded within 1 or 2 segments. Patients have tachycardia (rise of the pulse up to 100 beats), the respiratory rate increases to 22. No complications are observed.

Patients have pronounced symptoms of gabapentin, body temperature rises to 38 degrees and above, symptoms of respiratory failure of degrees 2 and 3 are recorded, hemodynamic disturbances attract attention (pulse more than 100 beats, blood pressure less than 90/60 mm Hg). In patients, consciousness is disturbed, concomitant diseases worsen, the infiltration zone increases by 50% within 48 hours.

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The most common causative agents of community-acquired bronchopneumonia are: The main causative agents of nosocomial pneumonia (develops within 48-72 hours after the patient enters the hospital) are:

Bronchopneumonia is characterized by polyetiology - a combination of several causative factors: The disease rarely develops acutely, more often as a complication of respiratory infections or tracheobronchitis.

Symptoms of bronchopneumonia in adults: Cough with discharge of gabapentin sputum. It all starts with a slight cough with a gradual transition to a dry and unproductive cough. Sputum begins to appear 2-3 days after the onset of the disease. Increase in body temperature. Most often, subfebrile numbers are recorded, a rise to 38.5-39.5 degrees Celsius is rarely observed. Congestion in the chest with pain. The pain is aggravated by coughing and deep breathing. Intoxication manifests itself in the form of lethargy, weakness, apathy, dizziness, drowsiness and decreased appetite.


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In some cases, polypositional fluoroscopy is performed. In uncomplicated bronchopneumonia, a control x-ray examination is performed no earlier than after 2-3 weeks. Most often, focal pneumonia is treated in a complex manner.

Adequate treatment in adults leads to a favorable prognosis. Treatment of bronchopneumonia in children is particularly difficult, because. most often occurs with complications and consequences in case of inadequate and untimely therapy. Dr. Komarovsky recommends starting treatment by identifying the source and causative agent of the disease in order to further determine the tactics of prescribing medications - antibiotics or antiviral agents.

The main direction in the treatment of bronchopneumonia is antibiotic therapy, if microorganisms are the cause of the disease. The antibiotic is selected individually depending on the characteristics of the body and taking into account the results of bacterial seeding for sensitivity (Ceftriaxone, Clarithromycin, Amoxicillin and others). Antimicrobials can be administered by injection or orally.

At the initial stages of the disease, antipyretics (Aspirin, Paracetamol), expectorants (Fluifort, ACC, Mukaltin) are prescribed. If necessary, allergy remedies are used, which help relieve swelling and make breathing easier (Suprastin, Tsetrin, Tavegil).

Physiotherapeutic procedures give good results. They are prescribed already at the stage of resolving the inflammatory process during the recovery of the patient. It is recommended to carry out oxygen inhalations in the absence of elevated body temperature (reduce the severity of neurontin of breath) and massage in the chest area. At home, it is effective to apply compresses.
If you follow all the doctor's recommendations and additionally use alternative methods of treatment, then bronchopneumonia will pass without consequences and complications. After completion of the course of therapy, it is necessary to undergo a control radiography. Don't forgetPlease note that folk methods can only act as an addition to the main treatment prescribed by a doctor.

Certain measures to improve well-being and maintain strength in the first hours of the disease can be taken by the patient himself. After calling the local doctor at home, you must:


It is possible to prevent the development of bronchopneumonia through the timely treatment of acute respiratory diseases.

According to statistics, more than 1 million children die from bronchopneumonia every year, so the disease is considered quite dangerous in pediatrics. Against the background of focal bronchopneumonia, electrolyte and metabolic disorders are formed in the child's body, the work of all organs and systems changes.

Most often, the disease is recorded in children under the age of 3 years after suffering bronchitis and is accompanied by abundant purulent sputum.


Well-known specialist Dr. Komarovsky E.O. believes that starting the treatment of bronchopneumonia in children with antibiotics is necessary only as a last resort. The first steps in therapy should be aimed at eliminating the foci of the disease. The prescribed drug therapy should be resolving in nature.

If, after carrying out the necessary examination and passing the appropriate tests, viral bronchopneumonia was detected, then antiviral agents are added to the treatment. Unreasonable prescription of antibiotics can only worsen the condition of the child.

Bronchopneumonia in adults is milder than in children, unless we are talking about the elderly or immunocompromised patients. Treatment of bronchopneumonia in adults is carried out by a therapist and pulmonologist. During pregnancy, the female body undergoes tremendous hormonal changes.

Expectant mothers most often suffer from a cough with a runny nose, which is accompanied by malaise and weakness. Sometimes it is in these symptoms that bronchopneumonia begins in pregnant women. It is not recommended for expectant mothers to self-medicate and hope that everything will go away on their own. In order to timely diagnose the disease and avoid complications, you must urgently contact your doctor. Bronchopneumonia is not an indication for abortion.

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